About King of Curries Indian Restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

Indian restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

Fine Indian cuisine can be hard to find. If you are craving authentic Indian restaurant food, King of Curries will not disappoint. We are an authentic Indian restaurant located in Daytona Beach, FL. Whether you are hoping to dine in or order takeout, we will not disappoint.

Indian Restaurant Lunch and Dinner Buffet in Daytona Beach, FL

If you want to sample a variety of Indian dishes, you should come to the King of Curries lunch and dinner buffet at the most authentic Indian restaurant in Daytona Beach. The lunch buffet at our Indian restaurant is served between 11:30am and 2:00pm, and the full dinner menu is served between 5:00pm and 10:00pm, every Tuesday through Sunday. Our buffets give you the chance to sample a little bit of everything at a reasonable price.

What Makes Our Daytona Beach FL Indian Restaurant So Special?

If you want to know what makes King of Curries Indian Restaurant so special, it starts with the precise combination of herbs, spices, and flavors that we use when preparing our cuisine in our Indian restaurant. Most Indian restaurant dishes consist of vegetarian dishes as the main course. However, if you are craving meat, you can order a main course that includes meat, fish, and chicken. The menu choices at our Indian restaurant are extensive, therefore, you will have no problem satisfying your cravings. We also have several healthy beverages that will balance your spirit and keep you in excellent physical and emotional condition.

Some Testimonials about King of Curries Indian Restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

We love everything

We love everything here. Thank you for taking food allergies so seriously! :)

Date: August 3 2015
Dinner was just as delicious as the appetizers!

Happy New Year! - We had heard great things about India Restaurant and decided to celebrate New Year's Eve there with friends. The appetizers we delicious!! We had the spicy mussels, papri chaat, vegetable samosa and lots of Naan. Dinner was just as delicious as the appetizers!

Date: December 22 2015
Consistently very good

King of Curries is consistently very good. - We love this restaurant. The menu is exciting and the food is always very good. We have a few drinks and split appetizers and entrees. And it's reasonable for the 5 of us.

Date: December 22 2015
Our Famous Specialties

Chicken is a popular staple in Indian restaurants and it is popular at our FL Indian restaurant. One of your best chicken dishes is Tandoori chicken, which we prepare with a variety of herbs and spices. If you are looking for a more traditional dish, we have Biryani or Indian rice, which is served with green chili, ginger, tomatoes, and a variety of other vegetables that will complement the roasted chicken. Our customers love our Indian rice dishes, which are made more spicy, flavorful, and hearty by adding chicken to them.

Egg dishes are very popular at our Daytona Beach FL Indian restaurant. We can take a simple egg recipe such as an omelet or poached eggs and use our Indian spices and herbs to give the eggs a kick. Fortunately, these spices are a commodity in Daytona Beach, FL.

If fish is what you are craving, our restaurant prepares a variety of dishes with the exotic herbs, spices, and flavors that you expect from Indian Restaurant cuisine.

We Serve Snacks

If you want to sit down and have just a snack and a drink, our Indian restaurant has an extensive snack menu. You can find everything from potatoes stuffed with green peas to wheat buns that are filled with crispy fried onions or deep fried mashed potatoes. You can spice up your snacks with one of our famous chili sauces, loaded with the best Indian spices and herbs. You can even customize the snacks according to your own particular taste.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Indian Deserts in Daytona Beach, FL

If you are craving something sweet, our Daytona Beach Indian restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes. If you want to be adventurous and try something new, we have plenty of exotic dessert dishes for you to try.