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Indian food in Daytona Beach, FL

Lunch Buffet $9.99

Lunch buffet is open from 11:30 - 2:30
Daily Dinner Hours

Tuesday-Sunday 5:00 - 10:00

Indian Restaurant Lunch Buffet and Menu Takeout in Daytona Beach, FL

Welcome to India! King of Curries Indian Restaurant offers the best authentic Indian Restaurant food in Daytona Beach, FL. Come enjoy our lunch buffet (11:30-2:00) or our dinner served (5:00-10:00) Tuesday-Sunday at our Indian restaurant. No time to stop? We also offer takeout!

What is our authentic Indian restaurant food in Daytona Beach, FL like?

Delicious Indian food will include a precise combination of spices, flavors and herbs, but cooking this food, even in Daytona Beach, FL is also very easy. Indian food offers a variety of tasty dishes as well as healthy beverages that can help you attain good emotional and physical condition as well as a balanced spirit. In Indian restaurant cooking, vegetarian dishes are typically the main course, but you will also find some non-vegetarian dishes. Common non-vegetarian foods include meat, fish and chicken.

In traditional Indian restaurant cooking, chicken is extremely popular, especially Tandoori chicken which is prepared with various spices. Traditional Indian food, like Biryani or Indian fried rice will use different herbs and spices, such as green chili, tomatoes, ginger and other vegetables and can be served along with roasted chicken. Oftentimes, the basic Indian meal of rice is made more spicy and flavorful by adding chicken. Visit our Indian restaurant for the best in Indian food.

There are a variety of delicious chicken dishes you can make right in Daytona Beach, FL, like fried chicken, chicken Afgani, chicken drumsticks, butter chicken, chicken curry and chicken danuba. King of Curries specializes in the best in Indian food in our Indian Restaurant in Daytona Beach Florida

Egg dishes are another very common Indian food and are easy for anyone in Daytona Beach, FL to make. Egg recipes, such as an omelet or poached eggs are common. However, Indian food uses spices and herbs like ginger, chili and tomato; fortunately, these are easy ingredients to get in FL. Our Indian restaurant in Daytona Beach is the place for the best in tastes.

Fish is another common ingredient in Indian food. There are many fish dishes prepared using exotic herbs, flavors and spices.

There are also many rice recipes which can provide wonderful cooking ideas for FL residents. You'll find authentic Indian food that is also specific to certain regions, like Punjabi cuisine. Come try any of these at King of Curries Authentic Indian Restaurant and food in Daytona Beach, FL.

Where to a Find Good Indian Restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

You can find variety of collection in rice recipes which give you the excellent idea of cooking. There is also collection of authentic Indian food and place specific dishes such as Punjabi cuisine. You can try these dishes and many more at King of Curries authentic Indian restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL.

Indian food snack in Daytona Beach, FL Delicious Indian Restaurant Snack Foods

When looking at traditional Indian restaurant cuisine, snacks are another tempting selection in India. You'll find everything from potatoes that are stuffed with green peas to wheat buns filled with delicious crispy fried onions or deep fried mashed potatoes. These snacks are often served with chili sauces and can be made even more interesting by adding herbs and spices to the sweet chili to provide a unique Indian taste. Many people in FL enjoy the flavors of these Indian snacks that can be customized to one's own flavor preferences.

Tempting Indian Deserts

In Indian restaurants there are also various sweets for dessert. If you are adventurous, you can try these exotic flavors. Many Indian foods are health, interesting and spicy, but they also add a nice touch to your Daytona Beach, FL dining options.

Indian food deserts in Daytona Beach, FL